Why Donate Blood, Plasma and Platelets

Blood donation helps people in need in your community. Donors, especially those who donate regularly, keep our nation's blood supply stable. Although many people donate blood after disasters, blood is needed every day of the year.

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How Blood Is Used

Blood has no substitute, but is needed every two seconds to treat and improve a number of health issues and conditions, including:

  • Cancer treatments
  • Blood loss during childbirth
  • Trauma-related blood loss
  • Babies born prematurely
  • Blood disorders
  • Surgery complications


Patient Testimonials

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Hear from people across Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas who are alive today because of generous blood donors like you.


How Donating Helps You, Too

Most importantly, donating blood will provide health and healing for local patients in need. But, donating blood has some nice additional perks, too!

Global Blood Fund

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With each donation, you can forego your promotional T-shirt and instead choose to have the blood center make a financial donation to Global Blood Fund, a charitable organization that works to improve the availability and safety of blood in some of the world’s poorest nations.

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Donor Benefit Plans

If you or a loved one needs blood, you can help pay your donation forward using a Donor Benefit Plan. These plans help offset some of the cost of needed blood products, which covers expenses associated with collecting, testing and processing the blood.

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