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Greater Good Program

The Greater Good program is a charitable giving reward program available to faith-based donor groups and  hospital systems. The program helps you boost blood donations while providing new funding for good works.
In short, if the faith-based group or hospital system meets certain criteria and continues growing its drives, we will make a $10 donation per successful blood donor to the charitable organization of your choice. The more you give blood, the larger the contribution!
Existing and active donor groups may qualify by increasing collections on their next blood drive by 10 percent or more above the recent baseline achievement or a previous successful Greater Good payout level and host at least two drives per year. For Donor groups that increase by at least 10 to 14.9 percent, CMBC will provide $10 per successful donor to the charitable organization of your choice. For donor groups that increase by 15 percent or more, CMBC will provide $15 per donor to the charitable organization of your choice. Qualifying drives must have a projected goal of at least 16 successful donations.
New donor groups may qualify by hosting a successful blood drive with 16 or more donors. CMBC will provide a charitable contribution of $10 per successful donor when the minimum is met.
A successful donor is defined as needle in arm.
The beneficiary of this monetary contribution must be a charitable third-party organization of your choosing, per IRS guidelines and subject to FDA compliance reviewed by the Blood Institute. Contribution cannot be made to the donor group. Contribution cannot be made to an individual.
For more information or to host a Greater Good blood drive, contact Your Blood Institute account consultant. Official program guidelines can be found on our website at